Sunken Kanye

The Kardashians are on a roll. However their story line today takes a little plot twist. It is Kanye West, that is put into the limelight. If you guys are familiar Kim Kardashian is married to rapper and beat maker Kanye West. There love story has always been an interesting one. However, people believe that it is Kanye’s love for Kim that keeps him from being woke. The internet had a field day when he posted an image of himself wearing a hat, supporting current President Trump (image posted below). It was already bad enough that he was seen on the Presidential candidate at the time campaign trail.


Some people claim that Kanye is having a mental crisis. However , his wife took to Twitter to address these allegations. Not only did she deny them but began to voice how Kanye is entitled to his own freedom of speech. I for one can agree with her. If I got upset for every bad thing someone said or told me about my blog, I wouldn’t still be writing. If Kanye himself haven’t come out and told us of his mental disabilities who are we to judge him.


Free Meek

Anyone who knows me know that Philly is home for me. As I am covering trending topics, I felt it was only right to discuss #freemeek. Rapper Meek Luther Mill was released out of police custody on April 25. This was so refreshing and I myself was one of the many fans who was screaming “Dreams and Nightmares” to the top of my lungs.

Meek Mill was sentence to two to five years, after violating his parole while riding dirt bikes in Times Square in New York City. Mill’s received this sentence from a charge of gun and drug case from over a decade. The reason I choose to write about this is because a twitter friend of mine had me re-evaluate my celebration. When she asked why we were celebrating his release and I simply replied ” For The Culture !”. I was baffled by her unbothered sigh. I was trying to think of other quick witty things to say as why I believe he should be but I truly couldn’t. Her look and sigh said it all and I knew what she was thinking. Her thoughts were absolutely right. Was I becoming simple minded as this man had purposely violated his parole and flamboyantly rode those bike through one of the busiest cities in America. Yes, he should have been more mindful and not choosing to blast this all over social media. But his actions made me realize one thing, our black men are still learning. They have so much catching up to do while trying “To Live Their Best Life”.


So I’m not apart of the BeyHive but I can give props where props are… Today, Beyonce has earned my props (not that it matters).  Not only did she kill both of her weekend performances at Coachella. She has managed to make us all grow an even bigger love for our HBCU’s. When I heard of Beyonce firing over fifty dancers a week before Coachella. I was astonished. In traditional Beyonce fashion, she managed to WOW us with more than half of her dancers for the performance either Alumni or current attendees of an HBCU. In addition to this, she paid homage to the HBCU half-time shows. Which any alumni or person who attend an HBCU knows. We come for the sporting event but Half time is the time for us to see the band, band dancers and greek organization show everyone what they got. Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of Mrs. Carter , she gives us a mini Destiny Child’s reunion with Kelly and Michelle. A few days after her performance took a ll social media sites by storm. It was announced to the public that she had created four different scholarships to assist students at particular HBCU’s. This may not mean a lot to people. As a rising senior at HBCU, I can say we have been running behind PWI’s for to long. And as the job market is becoming more diverse it only gets worse, HBCU’s are seeing a decline in enrollment. This is due to PWI’s wanting to beef up their diversity portfolio from more than a small pool of minorities.



Opted Out

In today news, the Kardashian family has managed to steal the limelight once again. Today it was released that Khloe Kardashian boyfriend Tristan Thompson has been involved a cheating scandal. News sources also reported that during this time , Khloe has been to have contractions which could lead to premature birth of her and Thompson’s child.

If you are unfamiliar with Tristian and Khloe relationship background history. It is know that Tristian Thompson met Khloe in a club and they began talking. After talking the pursued a relationship. Once their relationship was revealed. Sources state that Tristian Thompson actually was in a relationship with his first child’s mother during the time he met Khloe. During this time, he left her while she was carrying their second child to be with the Kardashians sister.

Khloe denied these allegations and stated that these rumors were not true.  This storyline doesn’t help the Kardashian story line. As these sisters are often found to be in a negative spotlight when news sources reveal information about them.  Hopefully Khloe and her baby are safe and this temporary situation doesn’t dictate her future.

Baby Bump for Bardi

Cardi B hit the internet by storm . She was featured on an recent episode of Saturday Night Live. During her time on this show, as an artist she performed a song. It wasn’t the performance that took the people by storm. It was Cardi B’s full blown belly in a fitted ruffled body con dress.


This image not only shocked the internet but many of Cardi’s followers and advocates. We had just seen the “Bodak Yellow” pop star receiving an award in the a puffy red dress.   Cardi didn’t show any signs of her pregnancy and she remained flawless as usual. I’m glad to see a female rapper such her self; continuing to pursue her dreams and allowing the world to know that women can reach their dreams while becoming or being a mom.

50th Anniversary

Yesterday, the social media sites were stormed with information about the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King assassination. Dr. King was an a honorable man and his legacy is still being honored today. Known for being the face of the civil rights movement and his approach to social injustices through non-violent a peaceful protest. Dr. King was a man that even his enemies had a hard time trying to portray him as a bad person.

Dr. King was assassinated while out of town in Birmingham, Alabama to conduct one of his last protest.  During his time alice , his words influenced multiple people of all backgrounds. His most notable piece of literary work is his “I Have Dream ” speech. During this speech, Dr. King’s presence would lead over thousands of individuals to the grounds of the National Mall to hear him speak of his dream of social injustices coming to a halt and to bring peace not only among black people in the United States but to people all over the world.


Election Time

As the weather begins to heat up so does the competition on UDC campus. We are now gearing into Student Elections for the upcoming fall and spring semester of 2018-2019 school year. The campus elections always tend to take the student population by storm. However in my five years time span of attendance at this illustrious university, this current campaign has me eager to place my last bid vote in before becoming an Alumni.

The campaign features rising seniors and seasoned juniors. With more than six candidates running for Student Government President this campaign will be closely examined as people look to see who will the pack of incoming new students. With the new position of a Mr. UDC , knocking out the old all females lead campus court. UDC is making new strides and these strides are bringing more diversity to the campus than ever. So be sure to check out the campaign trail by stopping in the Student Center.

Candidates have blasted all social media sites from Facebook to Snapchat. You can catch your favorite candidate posting posters to win your vote. I’m more excited to see the outcome of this election than the actual prior election.